Great Scott!

Why, hello! I'm Liz. 18. New York. Drum Major. Lead Singer/Bad-Ass M.C. of a little ska band called Lucidity. Feel free to chat, stalk my Face page, check out my soundcloud, and like my band on facebook! Welcome to my blog!

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have u guys seen that picture of ezra in his marching band uniform & saxophone


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“…By the way, i heard your album” Lou interrupts the discussion of Andy and the Velvets to redirect attention onto the five young men before him. “We were listening to it in the studio,” he says flatly, his voice all smoke and gravel, not realizing that he is about to make the day of every person in the room. “It was great. All those great guitar parts. You know, it’s very difficult to play like that. It sounds simple, but it’s not east to do. I thought it was great that bands are making music like that again.” Julian is beside himself, and simply cannot contain a smile. He sits up eagerly, abandoning his detached repose and says with meaning, with force, “None of it would have happened without you. We wouldn’t be here without you.” Everyone nods.”

The Strokes & Lou Reed: Art, Advertising and the Myth of Underground” - Filter Magazine, 2004

Be still my heart …

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